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Scheduling & Patient Portal 


When you are ready to schedule your initial appointment please give us a call at 503-217-4455 or send an email to our secure HIPAA Compliant Email address at info@sarvismentalhealth.com 

In order to begin treatment, New clients will need to register for the Sarvis Mental Health Patient Portal. The patient portal eliminates paper entirely by allowing electronically signed consents and pertinent documents and facilitates secure electronic communication between the patient and our practice. The patient portal includes information about prescribed medications and upcoming appointments where patients can use this feature to request refills, confirm appointments, reschedule appointments and cancel appointments. 

The online intake process is streamlined with the Online Intake feature where patients can enter and update their demographic information, allows patients to enter their psychiatric and medical histories as well as related information that pre-populates into the Psychiatric Initial Assessment for review during the initial appointment. 

The patient portal is located at:


You must contact the office in order to register for the portal.  Once you are enabled for the portal, you will receive an email detailing how to set your username and password.